Next Generation
IPTV Automation.

Are you ready to take your IPTV business to the next level. If so you're in the right place. iSubCloud has inovated the IPTV industy offering you an All-In-One Automated Customer Management Portal.

Compatible Services

Currently iSubCloud is exclusively only available for IPTV Providers / Resellers using LeCynosure or GodFather streaming services.

Providers Already Using Us

IPTV AutoBot Automation

AutoBot is a powerful automation assistant. He can register your customers on one or multiple services, record the information & email your customer with the subscription details along with simple setup guide. AutoBot can accomplish all of this in under 20 seconds, each and every time.

Website / Webstore Integration

We offer fully custom made IPTV websites on request. All websites made by us will come fully integrated with iSubCloud, this means that when a customer purchase on your site you have to do nothing! We also provide you with API access to intergrate with your own websites.

ReBrandable Emails

Customers will receive an automated email upon line creation if this is set in you settings. All emails are fully rebrandable and you are able to ammend the logo, brand name, color scheme, welcome & closing messages, downloader code, telegram link, APK link, website link and more!

All-In-One IPTV Solution

We are trying to cater for all your IPTV needs by providing you with comprehensive and powerful features such as...

  • Elegant Record Of All Your Customers
  • Payment & Performance Tracking
  • Auto Registration On IPTV Panel
  • Website Integration With API
  • ReBrandable Emails
  • Reseller Management Portal

ReBrandable Customer Emails

Keeping your customers informed is key. iSubCloud makes providing accurate and consise information to your customers a breeze. All our emails are full customisable and rebrandable

  • Change Your Logo
  • Change Your Brand Name
  • Include Support Links
  • Include Renewal Payment Links
  • Include Downloader Code
  • Easy To Follow Set Up Guide
  • Alt Email Template For NON Android / Fire Devices

Is Your Service Not Compatible?
Want To Become A Reseller?

So your already a reseller, but your service is not compatible with iSubCloud. If you want to use all the magical powerful features that iSubCloud has to offer, you have 2 choices. Speak to your provider and get them to contact us and register with our service. Or jump on board with one of our recommended partner services.


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If your interested in taking the next steps in your IPTV career, and benefitting from all iSubCloud has to offer. Contact us today and we will get back to your ASAP to discuss your application.

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